A wardrobe makeover is a fantastic service providing you with a new, improved, and organised wardrobe. Together, we will sort out, edit and organise your clothing, footwear and accessories. You will feel like you have been shopping for a whole new wardrobe without leaving your bedroom. Following a wardrobe consultation, you will have more to wear. You will be able to recognise and develop a style that reflects the image you wish to present to the world, and which fits in with your lifestyle and personality. No more wasting money on clothes you never wear!

wardrobe consultation

During your consultation, we will create a shopping list detailing items we identified in your wardrobe/lifestyle as missing. In addition, you will receive a fantastic booklet of style tips full of handy hints and advice.

Where necessary, you may choose to take my recommendation and continue shopping alone, or you may wish to enlist my services with a Personal Shop. This is the next stage of the process.

I like my money right where I can see it… hanging in my closet

Carrie Bradshaw

Mini Wardrobe Consultation

£200 Duration: 2 Hours

Suitable for those with a small to medium sized wardrobe

Half Day Wardrobe Consultation

£300 Duration: 4 Hours

Suitable for those with a small to medium sized wardrobe

Full Wardrobe Consultation

£500 Duration: Full Day

Suitable for those with a large wardrobe or dressing room

  • The wardrobe consultation includes the following:

  • The importance of correct underwear.
  • An overhaul of your existing wardrobe, separating 
items into the summer and winter seasons.
  • Learn how to dress, and what to wear in a way to 
flatter your body shape.
  • Learn how to create new on-trend outfits using your 
current clothes.
  • Build a capsule wardrobe of key pieces to work with 
new items that we will identify you need.
  • Compile a shopping list created for your future 
  • Gain the knowledge to enable you to create new 
stylish outfits, with the clever use of accessories.
  • Wardrobe maintenance in order to maximise the 
lifespan of your newfound wardrobe.