The men of today are increasingly more aware of their visual image. It is no longer seen to be unimportant or exclusive to females. With the proliferation of media, the likes of stylish sportsmen, politicians and growth in skincare houses, the pressure to look good has increased.

Men also want to look slimmer, younger, fitter and more successful in the world of business as well as in their social lives.

The important thing to do is understand what you need. Does your wardrobe work with your lifestyle? Is the most important part of your image concern work wear or casual?

Consider the work you do, who you are trying to reach, does your message need to be the same all the time? Is your main priority to attract new business or a promotion? Or do you just simply want a new image in order to look like a ‘man of today’? Gain new confidence or even to attract a new partner?

The majority of my work with male clients is personal shopping however some gentlemen undertake a wardrobe consultation prior to this. The consultation allows me to see what you have already got so I can advise you of where best to invest your budget. We can discuss if you need this over the phone or by email.

Ultimately we want a colour balanced wardrobe where tops, shirts, sweaters, trousers and jackets all work together mixing and matching in several ways. It is vital that every item in your wardrobe is suitable for your body characteristics, age, personality and lifestyle.

By using my services you will be able to dress more creatively but still appropriately with that all important edge. You will know what you need and why. No matter what the occasion you will be able to dress with absolute confidence, and without the pressure, allowing your personality to shine through.

During your consultation, we will create you a shopping list detailing items we identified in your wardrobe/lifestyle as missing. In addition, you will receive a fantastic booklet of style tips full of handy hints and advice.

mens stylist
mens stylist

Mini Wardrobe Consultation

£175 Duration: 2 Hours

Suitable for those with
a small to medium
sized wardrobe

Full Wardrobe Consultation

£275 Duration: 4 Hours

Suitable for those
with a large wardrobe
or dressing room

Mini Personal Shop

£300 Duration: 2-3 hours (pre-shop included in price)

Suitable for those wanting
a small wardrobe update
or a specific outfit.

Full Personal Shop

£400 Duration: Full Day (pre-shop included in price)

Suitable for those looking for a style overhaul including clothing, footwear and accessories