Ladies Lunches

Ladies lunches are social events for friends and associates to meet and discuss their common interests, which frequently involve shopping. Almost every woman is conscious of how they look, even if they do not discuss it. So why not provide a talk from the perspective of an expert? With a friendly and warm delivery I am able to connect with your ladies and deliver an informative but thoroughly enjoyable talk on any or all aspects of my services. I aim for ladies to take away the basic fundamentals to help them improve their own Image.

ladies lunch

Public Speaking

£POA Duration: Bespoke

Packages are bespoke and specifically designed for clients to meet their individual needs and budgets.

Fashion Show Organisation and  Compere

Projecting the right image and delivering the correct knowledge is important for a successful fashion show, as well as the garments themselves. A compere delivering with confidence and style can enhance the event and overall experience of the audience to achieve the intended goal of the show, be it to sell clothing, to demonstrate this season’s ‘must haves’ or simply a bit of charitable pleasure. With my knowledge, experience and contacts, I have the enthusiasm and professionalism to cater for any event. The services I offer range from a basic compare of your event itself, to the full organisation of a show tailored to your individual requirement.

fashion compare

Fashion Hosting

£POA Duration: Bespoke

Packages are bespoke and specifically designed for clients to meet their individual needs and budgets.

Importance of Image in Business

Companies spend thousands of pounds marketing their business through advertising, flashy offices, designed logos and other branded materials which all focus on sending a message to their customer about their business. They are fully aware of the power of a visual message but do not relate this to themselves or their employees. Ultimately people buy from people. This is where the image of you and your employees does make a difference and where I can make a difference for you.

Corporate Training

£POA Duration: Bespoke

Packages are bespoke and specifically designed for clients to meet their individual need and budgets.

Consider the power of the first impression, what ‘first impression’ do you give? Do you have a personal brand? We know that research shows judgments are made about an individual within the first 30 seconds of meeting them and that 55% of people’s initial perception of a person is based on visual impact-before a word has even been spoken. You only get one chance to make that vital first impression, it is therefore essential you do it well and above all keep it consistent. If you look the part, your words will be reinforced and the message you are giving will be stronger.

As an increasing number of workplaces develop a more casual style of dressing it becomes more difficult for the employee to know what is appropriate. You may have certain issues regarding your employees or team members which need addressing. However issues such as discrimination often limit the way in which a business handles this and why they seek the help of an Image Consultant. It simply ensures that the brand image of their company is reflected by the employees.

You can have anything you want in life as long as you dress for it.

Edith Head

  • I possess the skills and professional expertise to show employees what the power of their image has, not only on themselves but also how on the company’s image and brand is viewed. Presentation, workshops or training are a totally bespoke package but can include the following:
  • The power of first impression
  • Why image is important
  • What does their image say about them
  • What should their image say about them
  • Why they need to give a visual message
  • How this can be achieved
  • What the long term benefits are to themselves and the company