Winter Walks & Elevated Loungewear



Happy February you lovely lot! So this months email brings us ideas on what most of us are currently wearing. I’ve focused on winter walks, solo, with the other half, a friend, family, dog, or all of the above! Although sometimes it’s the last thing I feel like doing, especially when the weather isn’t great, I know I always feel better for going out and getting some fresh air and exercise. Let’s face it, some days it’s the bloody highlight of my day!
I’ve also done a section on some elevated loungewear/fitness that you’d feel comfortable and confident wearing out to the supermarket or school run (when it reopens!)
All of these pieces will be versatile for the year ahead if you’re thinking of UK holidays etc and will always earn a place in your wardrobe.
I’m currently doing this edit looking out the winter to inches of snow so I’m definitely including a little new season knitwear that’s just arrived. We are still very much in winter, although excited for spring on the way! Maybe next month I’ll do an update on this with some new season arrivals?