Get Ready For Re Entry – Spring Arrivals



It’s time to get ready for re entry with some new spring arrivals.

I’ve scoured the online world of fashion to bring you the latest update of my top picks ready to catapult you back into real life from the 12th April.

Isn’t it wonderful to finally be able to make plans, book restaurants, holidays and events, catch up with friends, and physically go shopping (I CANT EFFIN WAIT!)

If the thought of coming out of your leggings and loungewear fills you with dread, if you feel you’ve lost your way with fashion these past 12 months, don’t worry… you’ve got this to make a start on.

Although it’s not like a personal shop with me, these are all items I’ve seen and picked from the rest. Not everything is for everyone but I’ve tried to include a mixture of styles and staples for a multitude of body shapes and budgets (not an easy task!)