We all know that when we look in the mirror and we look good, we FEEL good. We are at our happiest when we have high levels of self-esteem, so it comes as no surprise that wearing the right clothes naturally stimulates our self-confidence.

After years of working in the fashion industry, I made the decision to become an image consultant and train at the Alicia Kite Academy as their philosophy reflected many of my own views:

You are an individual

Getting to know you as an individual, your needs and what you want to achieve is my first and foremost priority. Everyone is unique, so no one should be branded with a preconceived type or style of dressing. By getting to know you, we work with your personality, body shape, lifestyle and budget. Together we create a personalised way of dressing that is absolutely perfect and natural to you.

Underwear is where is all begins

Your underwear provides the foundation upon which your entire style and appearance is based upon. It is where the start of looking and feeling good all begins. Having the right underwear is so important, Christian Dior once said, “without foundation, there can be no fashion” and he was certainly not wrong. This is where I always start with a client.

Retail knowledge and understanding

Years of fashion and accessories buying experience have evolved a unique and natural instinct to appreciate precisely what styles and ranges the high street and Internet have to offer. Being a ‘real women’ myself, I know clothes inside out. I understand how they can provide enormous power over how we consider and carry ourselves, as well as their influence on how others perceive us.  As a freelance image consultant I am free of retail constraints. I have exclusive relationships with numerous retailers, with access to a multitude of different brands, so I know instantly what’s hot and what’s not. Recognising what looks right each season is my life and passion. My expert know-how takes the confusion of out shopping by adapting the constantly evolving styles to the individual client. I educate the client how and where to shop to suit their body shape, lifestyle and budget, maximises their options as well as saving them precious time and money.

Stop wasting time and money

This is a value so close to my heart, as it reinforces my strong principles that “we should build and develop a wardrobe rather than replace it”. A client’s style is accomplished through structuring a personal wardrobe based around key pieces, which are then supplemented each season to compliment and renew their existing look. It is also far more cost effective to maintain what you have than to replace shabby worn out basic items each season. Therefore, a wardrobe maintenance is essential to save money and as part of my service I will show you how to accomplish this.

Style is a journey…

The journey into style is all about confidence and self-belief. From the very first consultation I begin to evolve a client’s image and assurance. However, the transformation of a client from the person they are to the person they desire, is a journey, which we travel together. Their image must reflect their personality and level of confidence. We work together so that they become confident with their new look, at a pace of change to suit them, after all image is a perpetual evolution.