For many years I never really followed fashion due to lack of confidence in myself and what suited me. I muddled along looking smart but never felt I looked my best.

I was introduced to Cleo via 4networking after I made a comment on twitter that was picked up. Cleo is such a lovely warm compassionate person I instantly felt completely at ease with her. There was no hassle on the day, everything had been chosen for me before our meeting. At first glance of the clothes hanging in the changing room I wasn’t completely sold on her choices due to the fact I always tend to go for the same type of clothes. To my amazement and delight I absolutely loved the type of clothes Cleo had chosen, to the point I instantly loved my new style. The day continued in this way, I was just so excited about getting into the next outfit and ended up purchasing most of the clothes already picked out for me. The day was a complete pleasure, no hassle, no running around, no panicking and can honestly say it was my best day shopping ever. My habit in the past would be to purchase clothes deep down I knew I would never wear, therefore being a waste of my time and money. The money I spent having a personal shopper was invaluable and would recommend the experience to anyone who has never tried before.