I must say that, although it was a bit scary watching you decimate my collection of clothing and finding that there was very little left to wear, I really enjoyed our wardrobe consultation which I found very liberating. I was a bit nervous about meeting you initially (the thought of spending time with and showing my clothes to someone knowledgeable about fashion when I know I’m not!) but you proved to be warm, friendly and easy to talk to. I was really looking forward to the Personal Shop and the day certainly lived up to my expectations. What a luxury to be presented with a rack of clothing handpicked just for me! It was lovely to try on so many clothes that actually fit, given that I have had entire days shopping when nothing I have found has fitted. The items that you picked out were stylish and fitted my personality. There were a number of things that I would never have tried without your guidance but which suited me very well and I think this is a really positive aspect of your service. Also, your suggestions prior to the actual shop were very useful and resulted in a number of successful purchases and your on-going advice by email have been invaluable. I’m very pleased to have found you and plucked up the courage to contact you.Jo