After having my little boy my body shape completely changed and I had little time to spend looking for clothes, or even getting dressed in the morning (as any new mum will understand!). Going shopping was tortuous as I would feel overwhelmed by the vast choice of clothes in each shop and invariably most of the things I tried on didn’t suit me and if I did purchase anything, when I got home I struggled to find anything in my wardrobe that went with my new purchase. I basically lived in 2 pairs of jeans and a lot of stripy tops that did my figure no favours!  My self confidence was at rock bottom and as I hit forty I felt fat and frumpy. But thankfully I sought the help of Cleo for a wardrobe consultation and personal shop and it’s been the best money I have ever spent!! I discovered that I was an hourglass figure (that was a confidence boost in itself!) and that I was wearing jeans a size too big so I dropped a dress size instantly! De-cluttering my wardrobe was extremely therapeutic and it’s nice to know that all the clothes I now have in there will compliment my figure and I look forward to choosing outfits in the morning rather than dreading it.

I really enjoyed my personal shop with Cleo. It is like going shopping with your best friend, only better(!),  as Cleo is completely unbiased and will give you an honest opinion. Cleo is an expert in knowing what style of clothes will suit you and more importantly which designs are best suited to your figure as some manufacturers may cut things a bit smaller or bigger.  The pre-shop consultation means that you have a focussed list of clothes to buy that really fits in with all aspects of your lifestyle.   Cleo does all the hard work by pre-selecting clothes, shoes and accessories for you to try on. The only difficult part is deciding what “not” to buy as pretty much all the clothes Cleo sourced for me were gorgeous and very flattering. I never knew I could look so good!

The great thing about Cleo is that she doesn’t try to make you into something you are not.  I love all my new clothes and they are definitely in keeping with my lifestyle and the image I want for myself.  I  have been amazed how many different outfits I can now put together from a relatively small number of items.  I’ve got my excitement back for clothes and for looking good. I no longer feel fat and frumpy but forty and fabulous! I can’t wait for my next personal shop!