Cleo, What can I say but thank you. You were wonderful! The wardrobe consultation was such an eye opener. I didn’t realise I had so many clothes, most of which I’d never worn. You showed me how to put things together, and how to accessorise so to make my look so different and more me. You gave me more than ten outfits to wear, so the wardrobe consultation paid for itself.

Just by having a tidy wardrobe and organised draws has made me feel so much better. The photo’s you sent afterwards were a brilliant help. The day was so much to take in and remember so I just look at them quickly before getting ready and know what bits to grab. Although the shopping list you sent through wasn’t very long, I decided I needed that little extra confidence boost so I also had a personal shop, which was fab!. I did have a budget and my main focus was to look better at work, after getting a new job, but it was great.  You made sure everything was ready for when I got there, so all I had to do was try things on. Although there were certain things I couldn’t imagine myself carrying off, you reassured me and gave me so much confidence….. and you were right! I’ve had so many compliments from my new work colleagues and even attracted a new man into my life. You’ve saved me so much time and money, but most of all have made me happy. I will recommend Demi Couture to everyone and I‘ve already booked my autumn/winter appointment. I can’t wait!