I must say that, although it was a bit scary watching you decimate my collection of clothing and finding that there was very little left to wear, I really enjoyed our wardrobe consultation which I found very liberating. I was a bit nervous about meeting you initially (the thought of spending time with and showing my clothes to someone knowledgeable about fashion when I know I’m not!) but you proved to be warm, friendly and easy to talk to. I was really looking forward to the Personal Shop and the day certainly lived up to my expectations. What a luxury to be presented with a rack of clothing handpicked just for me! It was lovely to try on so many clothes that actually fit, given that I have had entire days shopping when nothing I have found has fitted. The items that you picked out were stylish and fitted my personality. There were a number of things that I would never have tried without your guidance but which suited me very well and I think this is a really positive aspect of your service. Also, your suggestions prior to the actual shop were very useful and resulted in a number of successful purchases and your on-going advice by email have been invaluable. I’m very pleased to have found you and plucked up the courage to contact you.Jo

Havercroft, Linconshire, Wardrobe and Shop

I used Cleo for a special occasion shop and I don’t think I have had that much fun in a long time! I was dreading going to a very good friends daughters wedding purely because I didn’t have anything suitable to wear, and what I did have I felt uncomfortable and fat in!

Instead of wasting so much time and upsetting myself in the process, I decided to enlist the service of Demi Couture. Cleo was the most amazing help I could ask for. I was a little taken back, when the first thing she asked was to look at my bra. She told me off (in a nice way), and immediately brought round a bra fitter to the fitting room. A back size smaller and two cup sizes bigger later, the feeling and the look of wearing a correct size bra was worth every penny in itself. All the outfits Cleo had selected for me were perfect. From the pre-consultation over coffee she completely understood what I wanted. She did add a couple of extra’s, which I must admit was a little weary of at first, but ended up loving everything and struggled with what to choose.

The couple of hours I spent with Cleo went so quickly but by the end I felt so confident and amazing. It was an exhilarating experience and would recommend it to anyone. Thank you Cleo for all your help and I will certainly be booking for you for a wardrobe consultation. You’ve done by bra, my knickers need sorting now…

Sarah, Leicestershire, Special Occasion Shop

Cleo, What can I say but thank you. You were wonderful! The wardrobe consultation was such an eye opener. I didn’t realise I had so many clothes, most of which I’d never worn. You showed me how to put things together, and how to accessorise so to make my look so different and more me. You gave me more than ten outfits to wear, so the wardrobe consultation paid for itself.

Just by having a tidy wardrobe and organised draws has made me feel so much better. The photo’s you sent afterwards were a brilliant help. The day was so much to take in and remember so I just look at them quickly before getting ready and know what bits to grab. Although the shopping list you sent through wasn’t very long, I decided I needed that little extra confidence boost so I also had a personal shop, which was fab!. I did have a budget and my main focus was to look better at work, after getting a new job, but it was great.  You made sure everything was ready for when I got there, so all I had to do was try things on. Although there were certain things I couldn’t imagine myself carrying off, you reassured me and gave me so much confidence….. and you were right! I’ve had so many compliments from my new work colleagues and even attracted a new man into my life. You’ve saved me so much time and money, but most of all have made me happy. I will recommend Demi Couture to everyone and I‘ve already booked my autumn/winter appointment. I can’t wait!

Claire, Nottingham (Wardrobe Consultation/Personal Shop)

Fine Cuisine would like to thank Cleo for the excellent talk given to our Ladies Lunch group on June 24th 2010.  The talk was interesting and informative with many  useful tips to suit people of all ages.  We at Fine Cuisine , Lyric Rooms, Ashby-de-la-Zouch would not hesitate to recommend you for any occasion.

Laura Bryant & Jane Mansfield, Fine Cuisine (Public Speaking)

I run a weight loss and counselling service and lot of my clients have lost large amounts of weight (5 stones plus) and now have completely different body shapes to the ones they have lived with for most of their adult life.  Cleo gave a great talk which left them enthusiastic and eager to try out new styles and colours.  Her friendly, approachable style, as well as obvious knowledge about clothes and styling, created a great atmosphere which stimulated lots of questions

Debbie Ford, LighterLife (Public Speaking)

I needed a new image to go with my new business and I approached Cleo to help me achieve this after seeing her in action at a networking event.  The advice she gave me during the wardrobe consultation was invaluable and now means I can go shopping with confidence, knowing which styles I should choose and which ones I should avoid.

Cleo is very knowledgeable about style and fashion and made me feel like a princess during our personal shop!  I have received so many comments about my clothes since I engaged Cleo’s services and I now feel so much more comfortable and confident in my new outfits.  I can’t wait for next season so I can book another personal shop with her for my spring collection! [client_name] Claire, Leeds (Wardrobe Consultation & Personal Shop) [/client_name][/testimonial]

[testimonial] In an area where even the most confident business woman may feel insecure; her personal image, Cleo manages to  inspire confidence and a sense of style with everyone she meets.  She  is full and tips and advice and is generous with her opinions, all delivered  in a sensitive, humorous style that wins her fans wherever she goes.  We first asked Cleo to present an hours workshop at our Bloom In Business  exhibition in July 2010 in Wakefield, this was such a success that we  created 3 Evenings with Cleo Lacey in 3 locations around Yorkshire. Cleo is a true professional and a pleasure to work with and we can’t  recommend her high enough.  We look forward to more collaborations with  this talented lady!

Victoria Roberts, Bloom In Business (Public Speaking)

I’ve been wanting help with my smart casual wardrobe for a very long time, but didn’t know where to start. I hated and had no confidence shopping for myself, and brought items without thinking “do I need it and what will it go with”. With two young girls and rapidly reaching forty, I needed to start feeling good about myself.

I found Cleo and a few other consultants via the Internet, but I was drawn to Cleo and what her web page said.  Nervously, I booked her for a wardrobe consultation, but she assured me that I’d enjoy the day.  True to her word I did.  I saw my clothes and body shape in a different and positive light.  I thoroughly enjoyed the 4 hrs, which went too quickly.  I booked my personal shopping day with Cleo there and then.

My shopping day made me feel very special and important.  What I enjoyed was the fact I was not under any pressure to buy anything.  But I did, because I wanted to and the clothes Cleo had picked out were gorgeous and items I would have never considered buying myself.

We’ve now built the foundations to my classy and timeless wardrobe and I’ve had the courage to add a few items myself. Now I look at the quality and cut of the items and have in my mind what will it go with and more importantly do I need it.

The main things about Cleo is that she is so easy to get on with and not wanting to sound corny she’s like your best friend who is very honest and knows what she’s taking about. What was also important, was having the trust and confidence in her judgement. I have emailed her several times since for reassurance about the items I’ve purchase and she’s always been there to reply with some advice.

Cleo is now my ‘fairy clothes mother’ as she’s helped create and give me the style and sophistication I really needed to boost my self confidence.

Hoping to book her for my spring/summer wardrobe.

Thank you Cleo!!!

Bonita, Solihull (Wardrobe Consultation & Personal Shop)

For many years I never really followed fashion due to lack of confidence in myself and what suited me. I muddled along looking smart but never felt I looked my best.

I was introduced to Cleo via 4networking after I made a comment on twitter that was picked up. Cleo is such a lovely warm compassionate person I instantly felt completely at ease with her. There was no hassle on the day, everything had been chosen for me before our meeting. At first glance of the clothes hanging in the changing room I wasn’t completely sold on her choices due to the fact I always tend to go for the same type of clothes. To my amazement and delight I absolutely loved the type of clothes Cleo had chosen, to the point I instantly loved my new style. The day continued in this way, I was just so excited about getting into the next outfit and ended up purchasing most of the clothes already picked out for me. The day was a complete pleasure, no hassle, no running around, no panicking and can honestly say it was my best day shopping ever. My habit in the past would be to purchase clothes deep down I knew I would never wear, therefore being a waste of my time and money. The money I spent having a personal shopper was invaluable and would recommend the experience to anyone who has never tried before.

Sharon Wright (Dragon Slayer), Scunthorpe (Personal Shop) 

I first met Cleo when my partner bought me a session with her as a gift. She came to my house and, although I was nervous and didn’t know what to expect, she immediately made me feel relaxed and excited to be ‘sorting out’ not only my wardrobe but my personal style.

I was so happy with her attitude and the positive way she made me feel that I booked to go on a ½ day shopping trip with her. This was another fantastic experience. I was guided through what styles suited me and away from things that didn’t. Taken to shops that I wouldn’t normally go into and tried on pieces that I would normally think were either too young for me or not suit. This trip resulted in me buying a selection of clothes that I feel make the most of my figure and personality.

My partner was more than happy with the things I bought and thinks I look younger and sexier in my new outfits. I can unreservedly recommend Cleo as a personal stylist and will definitely be using her services again.

Sandra, Derby (Wardrobe Consultation & Personal Shop)

After having my little boy my body shape completely changed and I had little time to spend looking for clothes, or even getting dressed in the morning (as any new mum will understand!). Going shopping was tortuous as I would feel overwhelmed by the vast choice of clothes in each shop and invariably most of the things I tried on didn’t suit me and if I did purchase anything, when I got home I struggled to find anything in my wardrobe that went with my new purchase. I basically lived in 2 pairs of jeans and a lot of stripy tops that did my figure no favours!  My self confidence was at rock bottom and as I hit forty I felt fat and frumpy. But thankfully I sought the help of Cleo for a wardrobe consultation and personal shop and it’s been the best money I have ever spent!! I discovered that I was an hourglass figure (that was a confidence boost in itself!) and that I was wearing jeans a size too big so I dropped a dress size instantly! De-cluttering my wardrobe was extremely therapeutic and it’s nice to know that all the clothes I now have in there will compliment my figure and I look forward to choosing outfits in the morning rather than dreading it.

I really enjoyed my personal shop with Cleo. It is like going shopping with your best friend, only better(!),  as Cleo is completely unbiased and will give you an honest opinion. Cleo is an expert in knowing what style of clothes will suit you and more importantly which designs are best suited to your figure as some manufacturers may cut things a bit smaller or bigger.  The pre-shop consultation means that you have a focussed list of clothes to buy that really fits in with all aspects of your lifestyle.   Cleo does all the hard work by pre-selecting clothes, shoes and accessories for you to try on. The only difficult part is deciding what “not” to buy as pretty much all the clothes Cleo sourced for me were gorgeous and very flattering. I never knew I could look so good!

The great thing about Cleo is that she doesn’t try to make you into something you are not.  I love all my new clothes and they are definitely in keeping with my lifestyle and the image I want for myself.  I  have been amazed how many different outfits I can now put together from a relatively small number of items.  I’ve got my excitement back for clothes and for looking good. I no longer feel fat and frumpy but forty and fabulous! I can’t wait for my next personal shop!

Debbie, Nottingham (Wardrobe Consultation & Personal Shop)

Thank you for your wonderful professionalism in helping me to find outfits for my interviews and also in making a start on my new work wardrobe.

As you know, I love clothes and looking my best, but I hadn’t realised until our personal shop yesterday how much I had hated shopping in the past. It had usually been an overwhelming experience – too busy, too much choice, too many individual pieces that I liked and which fitted, but which were not priorities to buy and so distracted me from getting what I needed or didn’t combine with what I already had to enable me to make complete outfits.

Your expertise meant that the time and money spent was absolutely right. I tried on things I would not have spotted myself. I tried on complete outfits and individual pieces that have immediately extended and updated my work wardrobe. I have accessories!

I really appreciate your approach – you kept me focused on my priorities, you gave me totally supportive and accurate feedback on how everything looked and gave me the space to make up my own mind and the time to go back to check my final choices. And you held me emotionally with your clear, warm and accepting presence, which is a rare gift – I should know, it’s what I teach people to tap into in my spirituality courses, and you have it naturally.  Your work is retail therapy in the true sense of the words!

Sarah, Nottingham (Wardrobe Consultation & Personal Shop)

“Whoever said money can’t buy you happiness, simply didn’t know where to go shopping”

Bo Derek