Does this sound like you?

You have been invited out for an evening, and instead of the feeling of excitement, you fill with dread and the thought of “I have nothing to wear”. You open your wardrobe doors to find tops inside out and creased, bobbly knitwear, hangers scattered everywhere, items fallen to the bottom, and marks which you meant to wipe off the last time you wore them. You try umpteen outfits on, throwing them onto the bed but still none look quite right?

Or maybe….

You are out shopping, you don’t really know what it is that you are looking for, and if you do, you have no idea where to find it. You wonder all over, aimlessly in and out of various shops getting all hot and flustered. You try items on you thought looked right on the rail, but they don’t seem to look good on you?

Then I can help you you.

How would you like to, through a wardrobe makeover, banish the dread of opening your wardrobe every time you need to dress, to have a well maintained wardrobe (wardrobe management) that we have completely organised so it is full of inspiration and clothes you love wearing? How would you like to be able to pick and choose items that go together in so many different ways, creating lots of stylish looks, just by adding accessories or changing key pieces?

Through my services you will learn how to build on, but not replace your existing wardrobe, which will save you precious shopping time and money. With my extensive knowledge of stores and brands, and background in fashion, Cleo Lacey will provide the expertise for you to know how, when and where to shop for your body shape, personality, life style and budget. I will take away the stress and confusion of not knowing and achieve the image you desire. Imagine having the ability to shop and the wardrobe to dress confidently so you look and feel amazing every single day.

Together lets start your journey into style…
Cleo Lacey